Adding Products in Bókun are now offering onsite training for Bokun members. We can show you how to add products, add extras and show you how you can get much more out of the online booking system.

We are also offering additional customisations to your online booking system where you need to change the transport names to something more suited to your business.

For example, let's say you want to rent out Kayak's as part of your summer activities. Right now, you will have to create Kayak's under Products / Car Rentals.

Guided Kayak Tour - Luleå
We really don't want customers looking at different types of cars when they are trying to sell a Luleå Guided Kayak Tour

If you are in based in Norrbotten and have Bokun or are intending to use it,  then get in touch. We can offer a half-day's training either at your location or at our local office in Luleå.

We are official Bokun Partners for Scandinavia.

Contact Information:

Andy Montgomery
tel: 073-070 73 47

Peter Larsson
tel: 070-313 06 37


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