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Bokun Tourism Sales Platform Have New Partners in Sweden

Bokun's successful business model has spread like wildfire throughout the tourist industry because it creates cross-selling opportunities for sellers. The Icelandic tourism infrastructure provides an excellent example of the booking engine in full bloom, allowing every business to benefit from selling each other's products and services.

In Northern Sweden - Web developers Andy Montgomery and Peter Larsson of SuperHighway have realised Bokun's potential and have now signed a new partnership venture with Bokun which offers a support package allowing a much faster setup time to begin trading.


SuperHighway have packaged Bokun calling it Bokun Extended with access to the following:

  • The Complete Bokun Booking System.
  • 4 Hours Training on How to Use Bokun Effectively.
  • Access to Our Members Area for Training Movies / Tips.
  • Access and Invite to Our Regular Mingle Networking Knowledge Exchange Meetings.
  • Analysis and Improvement For Your Website.
  • Analysis of Web Statistics.

Why SuperHighway?

SuperHighway provide the perfect web package for Travel Business Owners in 4 main ways.
  • Web services are run completely on Amazon's AWS system. The fastest web services in the world! Digital content - images, movies can download extremely quickly.
  • Security is high on the list and of course Google now awards secure websites. All websites that are hosted by Superhighway are totally secure and ready for credit card safety.
  • Customisations and Integration with Bokun can easily be arranged.
  • Search Engine Optimisation is a skill which can also be used in creating more traffic for business owners.
  • Guaranteed a happy booking

Websites which attract tourists are normally filled with eye-catching movies or beautiful photos of activities etc. This means that websites should be super fast in delivering this media to online visitors. However, beautiful websites don't ensure traffic - That's why it's important to listen to a web professional when analysing your site.


Use the following link to get your 21 Day Free Trial of - Bokun

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